Janitorial products for both front and rear of house. Cleaning equipment, paper products for washroom and chemicals for specific applications.


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Sunnex Utility Trolley 3 Shelf Plastic Black 800 x 380 x 880mm

Sunnex 800 x 380 x 880mm...

Price $182.88
Auto Warewash Chlorinated Capsule (3 x 4kg)

Auto Warewash Chlorinated...

Price $179.26
Edco Aluminium Handle 1.5mtr x 25mm Blue

Edco Aluminium Handle...

Price $14.85
Caprice Interleaved Hand Towel Dispenser ABS Plastic White

Caprice Interleaved Hand...

Price $49.50
Bleach 6% 5lt

Bleach 6% 5lt

Price $15.31
Caprice Ultrasoft Interleaved Towel 24cm x 23cm (150/16)

Caprice Ultrasoft 24 x 23cm...

Price $59.66
Edco Merriwipe Super Heavy Duty Wipe 45 mt Roll Blue

Edco Merriwipe Super Heavy...

Price $33.00
Edco Durable Mop 400gm Blue

Edco 400gm Blue Durable Mop

Price $14.85
Dazzle Wash Glassware Cleaner Powder 5kg

Dazzle Wash Glassware...

Price $54.95
Fabric Softener Classic 5lt

Fabric Softener Classic 5lt

Price $19.93
G1 – Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid 5lt

G1 – Antibacterial...

Price $34.98
Alcohol Free Instant Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Alcohol Free Instant Hand...

Price $9.90
Handy Pumice Hand Cleaner 1lt

Handy Pumice Hand Cleaner 1lt

Price $26.07
All Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate 5lt

All Purpose Sanitiser...

Price $33.00
Bracton RTU Glasswash 5lt

Bracton RTU Glasswash 5lt

Price $26.90
Edco Microfibre Cloth Blue (3)

Edco Blue Microfibre Cloth (3)

Price $10.45
Edco Deluxe Lobby Pan with Pistol Grip

Edco Deluxe Lobby Pan with...

Price $40.59
Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Lotion 5lt

Dishwashing Liquid Lemon...

Price $15.18
Basic Earth Conditioner 30ml Tube (300)

Basic Earth Conditioner...

Price $118.80
Edco Merriwipe Super Heavy Duty Wipe 45mtr Roll Coffee

Edco Merriwipe Super Heavy...

Price $24.20
MatTek Safety Cushion Mat 1500x900mm Black

MatTek Safety Cushion Mat...

Price $79.75