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Polycarb drinkware has many benefits for public venues, sports clubs, outdoor areas, canteens, pool-side restaurants, night clubs and personal use.

Polycarb Drinkware

  • Crown Polycarb
    <p style="text-align:center;">Each item made from 100% polycarbonate, these drinkware items will not chip, crack or craze. Within the range are a selection of weights and measures marked items making them also suitable for draught beer usage.</p>
  • Polysafe Polycarb
    <p style="text-align:center;">The beauty and elegance of glassware and the safety of Polysafe. Polysafe is the leading polycarbonate drinkware brand in Australia and is sold in over 20 countries worldwide.</p>

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Casablanca 237ml Old Fashioned Polycarb (24)

Casablanca 237ml Old...

Price $81.84
Polysafe Vino

Polysafe 400ml Vinno Rosso...

Price $203.28
Polysafe 1000ml Carafe wit Lid PS-25 (24)

Polysafe 1000ml Carafe wit...

Price $249.48
Polysafe Polyclean Manual Detergent 5lt PS-50

Polysafe Polyclean Manual...

Price $46.20
Polysafe 285ml Conical Middi PS-3 (24)

Polysafe 285ml Conical...

Price $110.88
Polysafe 400ml Hurricane Cocktail PS-26 (24)

Polysafe 400ml Hurricane...

Price $291.06
Polysafe 270ml Jasper Tumbler PS-10 (24)

Polysafe 270ml Jasper...

Price $157.08
Polysafe 425ml Highball Jasper Pure PS-11W (24)

Polysafe 425ml Highball...

Price $203.28
Polysafe 425ml Collins Highball PS-43 (24)

Polysafe 425ml Collins...

Price $175.56
Casablanca 266ml Old Fashioned Polycarb (24)

Casablanca 266ml Old...

Price $84.22
Polysafe 250ml Vino Blanco w/Pour Line PS-6 (24)

Polysafe 250ml Vino Blanco...

Price $110.88
Polysafe 250ml Tea / Coffee PS-13 (24)

Polysafe 250ml Tea / Coffee...

Price $147.84
Polysafe Conical

Polysafe 425ml Conical...

Price $138.60
Polysafe Polyclean Automatic Detergent 5lt PS-52

Polysafe Polyclean...

Price $46.20
Polysafe 340ml Margarita Cocktail PS-27 (24)

Polysafe 340ml Margarita...

Price $175.56
Polysafe 270ml Jasper Tumbler Smoke PS-10-SMO (24)

Polysafe 270ml Jasper...

Price $157.08
Polysafe 425ml Collins Highball Smoke PS-43-SMO (24)

Polysafe 425ml Collins...

Price $175.56
Casablanca 355ml Cooler Polycarb (24)

Casablanca 355ml Cooler...

Price $92.40
Polysafe 200ml Vino Taster PS-28 (24)

Polysafe 200ml Vino Taster...

Price $147.84
Polysafe 28ml Tall Shot PS-34 (24)

Polysafe 28ml Tall Shot...

Price $73.92
Polysafe 270ml Jasper Pure Tumbler PS-10W (24)

Polysafe 270ml Jasper Pure...

Price $157.08