Libbey Grande Collection

Libbey Grande Collection

Serve up stunning cocktails in Libbey Fiesta Grande glassware. Magna and Bolla are generously proportioned and sumptuously shaped to deliver the perfect serve for drinks and desserts.

Libbey Grande Collection

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Libbey 806ml Magna Grande Glass (12)

Libbey 806ml Magna Grande...

Price $151.27
Libbey 518ml Bolla Grande Glass (12)

Libbey 518ml Bolla Grande...

Price $142.96
Libbey Grande

Libbey 496ml Fiesta Grande...

Price $144.14
Libbey 355ml Fiesta Grande Glass (12)

Libbey 355ml Fiesta Grande...

Regular price $142.96 -$58.81 Price $84.15
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  • -$58.81
Libbey Grande

Libbey 296ml Salud Grande...

Price $92.66
Libbey 473ml Vino Grande Glass (12)

Libbey 473ml Vino Grande...

Price $137.81
Libbey 577ml Vino Grande Glass (12)

Libbey 577ml Vino Grande...

Price $142.96