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Make a splash! With Polysafe there’s a cocktail for every occasion, and we have the drinkware for every cocktail. Our beautifully shaped cocktail range delivers high style in safe, unbreakable polycarbonate.


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Polysafe 400ml Hurricane Cocktail PS-26 (24)

Polysafe 400ml Hurricane...

Price $291.06
Polysafe 340ml Margarita Cocktail PS-27 (24)

Polysafe 340ml Margarita...

Price $175.56
Polysafe 200ml Martini Cocktail PS-9 (24)

Polysafe 200ml Martini...

Price $203.28
Polysafe 225ml Bellini Coupe Cocktail PS-58 (24)

Polysafe 225ml Bellini...

Price $166.32
Polysafe 400ml Cocktail PS-12 (24)

Polysafe 400ml Cocktail...

Price $249.48
Polysafe 200ml Cocktail PS-14 (24)

Polysafe 200ml Cocktail...

Price $212.52
Polysafe 700ml Balloon Cocktail PS-56 (24)

Polysafe 700ml Balloon...

Price $249.48
Nude 195ml Hepburn Coupe Glass (12)

Nude 195ml Hepburn Coupe...

Price $75.24