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Churchill's Trace is soft, organic and versatile, Trace celebrates the beautiful simplicity of shape deisgn. Trace is the perfect canvas for stunning food presentation. Trace is made to withstand the rigours of a busy hospitality kitchen without compromising on style.


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Organic Bowl 253mm / 1100ml White Churchill Trace (12)

Organic Bowl 253mm / 1100ml...

Price $344.52
Churchill Trace

Organic Plate 186mm White...

Price $154.44
Organic Plate 210mm White Churchill Trace (12)

Organic Plate 210mm White...

Price $198.00
Organic Plate 264mm White Churchill Trace (12)

Organic Plate 264mm White...

Price $289.08
Organic Plate 286mm White Churchill Trace (12)

Organic Plate 286mm White...

Price $392.04