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RCR Cristalleria Italiana is a manufacturer of quality glass, offering table accessories of excellence in all sectors and applying an array of production techniques. Trendsetting RCR promises prestige and style dedicated to the professional sector. This is thanks to LUXION®.

RCR Cristalleria

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Aria 330ml Coupe Champagne Glass RCR (25327020006) (12)

Aria 330ml Coupe Champagne...

Price $128.70
Daily 180ml Champagne Flute Glass RCR (45467027706) (12)

Daily 180ml Champagne Flute...

Price $75.04
Daily 340ml White Wine Glass RCR (45552020006) (12)

Daily 340ml White Wine...

Price $84.55
Daily 440ml Red Wine Glass RCR (25495020006) (12)

Daily 440ml Red Wine Glass...

Price $84.55
Daily 426ml Water / Beer Glass RCR (25404020006) (12)

Daily 426ml Water / Beer...

Price $93.65
Melodia 160ml Champagne Flute Glass RCR (25600020006) (12)

Melodia 160ml Champagne...

Price $128.70
Melodia 210ml White Wine Glass RCR (25601020006) (12)

Melodia 210ml White Wine...

Price $112.27
RCR Cristalleria Melodia

Melodia 270ml Red Wine...

Price $128.70
Tattoo 290ml Wine Goblet Glass RCR (26637020006) (12)

Tattoo 290ml Wine Goblet...

Price $121.57
Tattoo 268ml Champagne / Dessert Goblet Glass RCR (26638020006) (12)

Tattoo 268ml Champagne /...

Price $121.57
Timeless 210ml Champagne Flute Glass RCR (24567020006) (12)

Timeless 210ml Champagne...

Price $140.18
Timeless 227ml White Wine Glass RCR (24566020006) (12)

Timeless 227ml White Wine...

Price $122.76
Timeless 298ml Red Wine Glass RCR (24561020006) (12)

Timeless 298ml Red Wine...

Price $140.18
Universum 550ml Goblet Glass RCR (25159020106) (6)

Universum 550ml Goblet...

Price $42.08
Opera 240ml Coupe Champagne Glass RCR (25044020006) (12)

Opera 240ml Coupe Champagne...

Price $140.18
Chic 360ml Goblet Glass RCR (26230020006) (12)

Chic 360ml Goblet Glass RCR...

Price $155.43
Chic 280ml White Wine Glass RCR (26231020006) (12)

Chic 280ml White Wine Glass...

Price $149.69
Chic 150ml Champagne Flute Glass RCR (26232020006) (12)

Chic 150ml Champagne Flute...

Price $149.69
Chic 1200ml Jug Glass RCR (26294020006)

Chic 1200ml Jug Glass RCR...

Price $33.68
Alkemist 532ml Aperitif Goblet Glass RCR (26521020006) (6)

Alkemist 532ml Aperitif...

Price $70.09
Alkemist 530ml Spirits Goblet Glass RCR (26975020006) (6)

Alkemist 530ml Spirits...

Price $57.82