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Enjoy the atmosphere of the roaring ‘20s with Libbey’s Speakeasy inspired glasses. These vintage-style stemmed glasses are sure to make an impression and are covered by Libbey’s Safedge Rim guarantee.

Libbey SPKY

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Libbey 245ml Speakeasy Coupe Champagne Glass (12)

Libbey 245ml Speakeasy...

Price $82.70
Libbey 190ml Speakeasy Martini Glass (12)

Libbey 190ml Speakeasy...

Price $82.70
Libbey 140ml Speakeasy Nick and Nora Glass (12)

Libbey 140ml Speakeasy Nick...

Price $82.70
Libbey 580ml Speakeasy Gin and Tonic Glass (12)

Libbey 580ml Speakeasy Gin...

Price $112.73
Libbey Speakeasy

Libbey 247ml Speakeasy...

Price $82.70
Libbey 170ml Speakeasy Flute Champagne Glass (12)

Libbey 170ml Speakeasy...

Price $82.70