Nude Hepburn

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The Hepburn collection is an exquisitely stylish collection, befitting of the legendary actress of whom it is named after. Designed by Brad Ascalon from New York, the range includes a cocktail shaker, mixing glass, martini glass and tumblers.

Nude Hepburn

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Nude 425ml Hepburn Long Drink Glass (24)

Nude 425ml Hepburn Long...

Price $138.60
Nude 380ml Hepburn Low Ball Glass (24)

Nude 380ml Hepburn Low Ball...

Price $138.60
Nude 195ml Hepburn Coupe Glass (12)

Nude 195ml Hepburn Coupe...

Price $75.24
Nude 500ml Hepburn Shaker Glass (24)

Nude 500ml Hepburn Shaker...

Price $150.48
Nude 500ml Hepburn Shaker Glass (24)

Nude 650ml Hepburn Mixing...

Price $171.60